East Meets East Healing Arts

East Meets East Healing Arts
I came to yoga like most people do – looking for help to manage the stress in my life. It worked. I've had students come up to me after a class and say, they've decreased their blood pressure medication since starting yoga, they are sleeping better, or have more sustained energy through the day. That's why I practice yoga, and that's why I teach it.

Yoga literally creates balance in our lives. Who wouldn't want that? The fact that it also builds strength, flexibility, and endurance are bonuses. Yoga is perfect for the beginner, the professional athlete, and anyone in-between. I blend both Kripalu and Vinyasa styles into my classes, with focus on proper alignment and core awareness and a smooth, full rhythmic breath. I often joke in class that yoga is the ultimate in multi-tasking where we are learning to forget the details and relax. It's confusing, but with practice it works and makes sense. My classes are both challenging and relaxing – designed to help you grow at your own pace.


Yoga Vallarta Studio
325 Basillo Badillo

Tues/Thurs - 9 am and 12:30 pm November 1 through April 30
Saturday - 10 am year round