Terry Connell

East Meets East Healing Arts

I started of my professional career as a teacher and shifted to being a therapist when I realized I liked the one on one interaction with my students, but not the lesson plans and grading papers. I graduated from Temple University with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and worked for years with adolescents in psychiatric hospitals. My training, however, did not prepare me for the bureaucracy of managed care. The bottom line attitude and decreased focus on quality of care left me feeling uninspired and defeated.

In October of 1993, I met a woman, who was finishing up her acupuncture internship at an AIDS clinic in Boston. I walked away from that meeting a changed person, already knowing that I was going to work at that clinic. Two months later, I left Philadelphia and settled into Boston. At this point, I knew nothing about acupuncture, didn't know where the school was, and knew no one in Boston. But I knew, like I knew my name, I knew I was on the right path.

I graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture May, 1998 with extensive training in both Chinese and Japanese styles of acupuncture.

For almost 9 years, I worked for AIDS Care Project/Pathways to Wellness here in Boston. It was, without question, the most amazing, humbling, nurturing, challenging place I will ever know. I was honored to work with some of the most talented people working not only in the field of HIV/AIDS, but in the field of acupuncture. We created new and dynamic treatment paradigms for a disease no one knew much about and helped people live more healthy, productive lives. In my 9 years at the clinic, I provided over 10,000 treatments, treating medication side effects and the issues associated with chronic disease. I also gained experience treating musculo-skeletal issues, menstrual disorders and various gastrointestinal problems.