East Meets East Healing Arts

East Meets East Healing Arts
People often say to me, "I've always wanted to try acupuncture," or "I keep meaning to take a yoga class." But something always gets in the way for them. They don't have time, their job keeps them too busy, once they get through this particular project...

I always offer the same response to these folks, "It's 1-2 hours out of your week. Try it. I promise you'll feel better. Why not make a commitment to improving your life?"

I have been practicing acupuncture and yoga for over 10 years and have found both of these ancient, healing arts beneficial in achieving balance mentally, physically and emotionally.

It was Euripides who said, "The best and safest thing is to keep balance in your life." Yoga and acupuncture are two effective ways to help you feel more balanced and healthy.

So...why not make a commitment to improving your life? What's the worst that could happen?